Cool Summer Retro

Apple has announced the 2021 Apple Design Award Finalists. I try to write here about design every now and then. Today is one of those days. The line-up of finalists includes an App under the category ‘Delight and Fun,’ which is just that – it’s a delight, and it is incredible fun.

It is

John Gruber wrote about

What kind of sick twisted people, who obviously know and love the classic Mac look-and-feel, would mix it with parts of the old Windows look-and-feel? And somehow make it work? I’ve consulted with experts, and we’ve determined that the Poolside vibe is 3 measures classic Mac OS, 1 measure Windows, 1 measure original, and the resulting cocktail is just what the good doctor ordered.

John Gruber

During the booting process, the start screen, with a somewhat MS-blue background, tells you that the system is


That is probably more on the side of what John describes as one measure of Windows.

Then after an ASCII-Island (I do not spoil this piece of art here) you enter a blend of really early Mac OS and Windows in your browser window.

You can select summerly playlists and videos from the late 80s and early 90s to light up your day and get yourself in a summerly mood.

How great is that?

And what is even more amazing is implementing an iOS-App that is not a copy of the website. Rather, it is a nice independent interpretation of the overall style and functionality.

I now head outside and get myself an iced tea or something.