5 Million Innovations for a Better Tomorrow

The Future Flip Book in Three Sentences

1. The Future Flip-Book contains 5 million ideas for innovations contributing to a better tomorrow – based on an analysis of over 3,000 sustainable innovations and draws on extensive and interdisciplinary research. 

2. Flip through the four stacks of cards to find a combination of words that resonates with you.

3. Take these four terms and think about what kind of innovation they suggest – and how it can contribute to a better tomorrow. 

The Scientific Background of the Future Flip Book

The Future Flip-Book is based on an extensive analysis of over 3,000 sustainable innovations and draws on research findings in innovation research, psychology, cognitive science, and management research.

If you want to find out more about the scientific background of the Flip-Book, you can download the Background-Paper here.

Der Future Flip-Book Canvas

You have already selected an inspiration from the four decks of cards. Now, start exploring and developing your idea. Think about this as a process of mental experimentation. Let six questions guide you through the process. These questions are summarized in our Future Flip-Book-Canvas, which helps you to organize and write down your thoughts.

You don’t always have to work through these questions in order. You can jump back and forth between individual questions where you find it necessary and helpful.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop with the Future Flip Book send me a message.