Universities in Change

Finally. The volume “Universities in Change” edited by Andreas Altmann and myself has been published by Springer. It took us longer than expected to go from a fairly decent manuscript to the printed version. A warm ‘Thank You’ to all contributors for their contribution and for their patience.

In the book we explore the challenges and opportunities of higher education institutions in the age of globalization, new forms of regulation, technological developments, and high expectations from stakeholders. The book tries to  showcase the first-hand expertise of university managers, leading innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives. It  features in-depth case studies from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It contains contributions by

Dagmar Abfalter, Andreas Altmann , John M. Beehler , Thomas Brekke, Elias G. Carayannis , Malcolm Cooper, Jeremy S. Eades, Bernd Ebersberger, Piero Formica, Manfried Gantner, Allan Gibb, James R. Haltiner , Gay Haskins, Sverre J. Herstad , Carlos E. Juárez, Ekkehard Kappler, Dietmar Kilian, Wilhelm Krull, Denise J. Luethge, Judith Marquardt , Kurt Matzler, Peter Mirski , Joe Nellis , Gabriel A. Pall, Alfred S. Posamentier, Ian Robertson, Dirk W. Rudolph , David Slattery, Udo Steffens, Hans Wiesmeth.



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