Open innovation practices and their effect on innovation performance

We all are relieved. A paper that has been accepted for publication about 2.5 years ago, has finally been published. “Open innovation practices and their effect on innovation performance” by Carter Bloch, Sverre Herstad, Els van de Velde and myself has been published last night by International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (IJITM).

The findings in the paper date back to a project under the Vision EraNet umbrella, which is also reported here.

This paper develops a novel indicator framework for examining open innovation practices and their impact on performance. The analysis, which is based on Community Innovation Survey (CIS) data for Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Norway, yields a number of interesting results. First, we find that open innovation practices have a strong impact on innovation performance. Second, results suggest that broad-based approaches yield the strongest impacts, and that the collective of open innovation strategies appear more important than individual practices. Third, intramural investments are still important for innovative performance, stressing that open innovation is not a substitute for internal knowledge building.

Sverre Herstad and myself, together with others, extended the analysis reported in this paper in a project documented here.

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