Online Education as a Game Changer in Higher Education?

The adoption of technology in higher education and teaching is constantly shifting the traditional modes of education. Technology helps to deliver content more swiftly, it facilitates distant learners to interact and to collaborate, it allows for faster processes in and around the classroom. Although we have already witnessed that technology enabled simulations have the potential to transform learning and teaching experiences we cannot estimate how virtual reality will allow for completely unprecedented learning and teaching experiences. Additionally, technology is disruptive as a promoter for new business models which un-bundle and possibly re-bundle components that are typically integrated in holistic approach of traditional higher education.

Technology and subsequently technology enabled new entrants are and will be challenging higher education. They will profoundly affect the competitiveness of traditional higher education institutions.

Based on its strategic orientation as an Entrepreneurial University the Management Center Innsbruck actively engages in research into the competitiveness of higher education institutions.

We see the option of technology and online education as a potentially important channel of higher education that can have the effect of a disruptive game changer.

In the current publication project ‘The Disruptive Power of Online Education’ we are focusing on challenges and new business models with respect to online education in higher education institutions.

The editorial board of the publication consists of Andreas Altmann (Rector of the MCI), Bernd Ebersberger (MCI Research, Development & Entrepreneurship), Claudia Mössenlechner (MCI Learning Solutions).

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