New Evolutionary Economics – Volume III

Just recently the – Volume III edited by Kurt Dopfer and by Jason Potts was published.
The set of three volumes of the New Evolutionary Economics series republishes selected articles in evolutionary economics. Volume I bundles contributions in evolutionary microeconomics, volume two is about evolutionary mesoeconomics. And volume three gathers key contributions in evolutionary macroeconomics.

The publisher says:

This authoritative collection, with an original introduction by the editors, will be of interest to scholars and researchers seeking to understand how evolutionary economics fits together and who seek to advance such an integrated approach.

The third volume republishes our ten year old work which has originally been published as  Cantner, U., Ebersberger, B., Hanusch, H., Kruger, J. J., & Pyka, A.. (2004). The Twin Peaks in National Income: Parametric and Nonparametric Estimates. Revue economique, 55(6), 1127-1144. 

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