I think

As management scholar interested in strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, I work at the intersection of managerial economics and management science. In my research work  I am currently interested in various dimensions of innovation and in the basis of corporate transformation

  • Innovation strategies such as open innovation or frugal innovation
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation & failure, in particular, the role of failure, the costs of failure and learning from failure for innovation
  • Higher education and its relationship with innovation, also innovation in higher education.

Over the past years, I have worked on projects in the context of innovation and innovation systems quite extensively.

I write

In my publications I have focused on different actors in innovation systems, on their activities, their strategies, and their performance.

Currently, the papers in my publication pipeline deal with the role that strategies, digital technologies – in particular AI – , and external actors have on corporate transformation, innovation, and performance. Additionally, we look at catch-up processes.

Reflecting my own work environment I have edited a volume analyzing the effect of technological development on higher education ‘The Disruptive Power of Online Education’.

I speak

As a faculty member at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, I am happy to teach management of innovation at the Bachelor and the Master level; A field that I find interesting and important.

I also hold workshops quite frequently, give presentations and deliver keynotes for larger and smaller audiences. I speak about:

  • Innovation, success & failure
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Impact

I advise

It is important for me to share my knowledge and expertise in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship with companies, public organizations and funding institutions through:

  • Coaching and counselling of startups
  • Offering workshops and consulting for SMEs
  • Holding (advisory) board memberships (e.g. EU Commission H2020 MSC-Action, Christian Doppler Society, Austria Wirtschaftsservice, startup.tirol)

Additionally, I consider it crucial to share with my colleagues within my organization and within my extensive network.