Embedding of a Business School in the National System of Entrepreneurship

Our – i.e. Florian Becke’s, Andreas Altmann’s and my –  paper “Embedding of a University Into the National System of Entrepreneurship” was presented at the QS-MAPLE conference last week in Doha.

The paper highlights that the national system of entrepreneurship (Ács, Autio, and Szerb 2014)  can be considered a sub-system of the national system of innovation (e.g. Edquist 2005). As that it has a specific function in the innovation system: to enable entrepreneurial experimentation (Carlsson and Jacobsson 2004; Edquist 2005; Bergek et al. 2008). We link the discussion to the concept of an entrepreneurial university (Gjerding et al. 2006) and show in a case study approach how a university can be embedded in the system of entrepreneurship. We highlight the benefits for doing so and the challenges for the university.


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