Together with Christina Koller I have recently finalized the draft for a research note about international and national collaboration for innovation. The paper titled “International and national collaboration for innovation – Does the composition of the regional knowledge base matter?” will be presented at the research conference of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences.

In the paper we argue that according to the resource-based view what firms do is to combine and to re-combine existing and new knowledge. This is particularly important for their innovation activities. Recently the region as the locus of innovation activity has attracted more attention. In particular considerable focus is put on national and international collaborative involvement of regional innovation activity as collaboration spans regional boundaries to access complementary resources. In this research we focus our attention on the characteristics of the regional knowledge base that affect innovation collaboration.

Using comprehensive EPO patent application data from 1978 to 2009,we analyze the driving factors for all European regions. We find that domestic collaboration across regional boundaries is driven by a lack of innovation potential and by a lack of technological strength. International collaborations are determined by a lack of technological strength as well, but are positively influenced by regional innovation potential.