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University Business Cooperation in Austria

Is there a lot and systematic bridging activities between universities and businesses in Austria? Well, from an innovation systems point of view one would expect that there is. At least from a normative point of view there should be. Knowledge exchange between business and university does not only increase the economies innovation capabilities, it also helps universities to define their role and to fulfill their third mission. But the reality is somewhat more sobering.

The report on “the State of University-Business Cooperation in Austria“, which I had the pleasure to contribute to, has be release recently. In particular the study finds that there is a lack of commitment to university-business cooperation in Austria. The most developed form of university-busines interaction is collaboration and commercialization of R&D. University management and academics perceive the barriers to cooperation between universities and industry differently. Both believe to extract rather low benefits from university-industry cooperation.

The state of affairs in other European countries is well documented here.

Universities in Change

Finally. The volume “Universities in Change” edited by Andreas Altmann and myself has been published by Springer. It took us longer than expected to go from a fairly decent manuscript to the printed version. A warm ‘Thank You’ to all contributors for their contribution and for their patience.

In the book we explore the challenges and opportunities of higher education institutions in the age of globalization, new forms of regulation, technological developments, and high expectations from stakeholders. The book tries to  showcase the first-hand expertise of university managers, leading innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives. It  features in-depth case studies from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It contains contributions by

Dagmar Abfalter, Andreas Altmann , John M. Beehler , Thomas Brekke, Elias G. Carayannis , Malcolm Cooper, Jeremy S. Eades, Bernd Ebersberger, Piero Formica, Manfried Gantner, Allan Gibb, James R. Haltiner , Gay Haskins, Sverre J. Herstad , Carlos E. Juárez, Ekkehard Kappler, Dietmar Kilian, Wilhelm Krull, Denise J. Luethge, Judith Marquardt , Kurt Matzler, Peter Mirski , Joe Nellis , Gabriel A. Pall, Alfred S. Posamentier, Ian Robertson, Dirk W. Rudolph , David Slattery, Udo Steffens, Hans Wiesmeth.



Knowledge spillovers to industry: Opportunities for universities of applied sciences

The brief paper “Knowledge spillovers to industry  – Opportunities for universities of applied sciences” by Sverre J. Herstad, Andreas Altmann and myself now published in the Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung.  Find a pdf of the paper here. The paper is part of a special issue about research at UASs (universities of applied sciences). It condenses recent empirical findings about the characteristics of those firms that utilize and appreciate knowledge spill overs from higher education organizations. We discuss these findings, sketch out how they relate to the third mission of universities and how this can present opportunities for universities of applied sciences.