Category: Management General

Project Meeting at GP Design Partners in Vienna

Today I am attending a kick-off meeting for a project integrating design thinking and management in the innovation process of strat-up firms and SMEs. The project is financed by the Austrian AWS. The meeting is hosted by GP partners in Vienna – an innovative design firm with highly inspiring premises.

Patreon – Continuously Crowdfinancing Your Projects

We have all heard that crowd-funding is the next wave of funding innovative projects and maybe even start-ups. Perhaps it is not the next wave but already a current wave. However, it seems that for innovators who are innovating continuously, say they create in an artist type of way, Kickstarter and all the other crowd-financing platforms are not the right place for funding. It ist too much a one project financing tool. But there is a rather new kid on the project financing block. Patreon. It is set up to finance the continuous creation of stuff, that reminds me very much of a subscription type of financing.

I am really curious how this service will develop in the future. I will stay tuned.