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Industrial innovation collaboration in a capital region context

The paper “Industrial innovation collaboration in a capital region context” by Sverre J. Herstad, Øyvind Pålshaugen and myself is accepted for publication with the Journal of the Knowledge Economy. In this paper we investigate the relationship between capital region location, and the firm level decision to engage in collaboration for innovation.  We find that firm location in the capital region is associated with a slightly lower propensity to engage in innovation collaboration within the region, and a distinctively lower propensity to engage in domestic collaboration as a whole. By contrast, we find no substantial differences between firms in the capital and other Norwegian regions with respect to foreign innovation collaboration, or with respect to innovation activity in general. This means that firms in the capital exchange knowledge among each other by other means than collaboration. They draw comparatively less of their innovation input from the collaboration networks which define the national innovation system as a whole.

Innovating knowledge transfer

This year’s PRO INNO Europe Partnering Event (April 5 – April 7) in Munich focussed on a broad understanding for knowledge transfer to support broad based innovation. It also emphasized that innovation depends on sources which go far beyond internal research and development of companies. My presentation with the title “How much innovation bases on outside technology, knowledge and creativity?” highlighted the (preliminary) findings of the INNOGrips WP 3 about the effects of and the determinants for firms’ utilization of open innovation practices among European SMEs.