Innovation excellence days.

By | January 27th, 2010|Categories: Management of Innovation, Workshop / Conference|

On January 24 and Janurary 25 I had the honor and the pleasure to participate in the Innovation Excellence Network Meeting hosted and initiated by Hannes Erler (VP Innovation of Swarovski). Participating innovation managers and professionals came from Bombardier, Deutsche Post, Deutsch Bahn, Daimler, Schott, Osram, Siemens, Henkel just to name a few. The meeting was [...]

New draft version of “Product innovation and the complementarities of external interfaces”

By | January 10th, 2010|Categories: Management of Innovation|

Although still being a draft version of our most recent research we progressed quite nicely over the holidays. A draft version of the paper "Product innovation and the complementarities of external interfaces" is now downloadable. The paper analyzes the effects of external interfacing on innovation success and investigates how different modes of external interfacing mutually influence [...]